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do you walk, climb or fly?

Founder Leigh Durst’s book, Walk, Climb or Fly: Surviving and Thriving in the Workplace Wilderness offers fresh, visual, methodology for understanding how people are wired for work. Discover the three operational styles that dominate every workplace and whether you Walk, Climb or Fly!  Learn how to leverage Style Recognition to better understand others, improve relationships, radically improve collaboration and productivity, carve out your niche and create a more satisfying, gratifying professional existence.  You’ll learn how to work adaptively, manage your “Pros” and “Pitfalls,” motivate and build trust with others, and drive better outcomes. Informed by two decades of research and experience advising leading global organizations, this book is the perfect companion for any people manager or professional who wants to get unstuck, grow, and/or better navigate complex workplace dynamics!



exceptional vision & executional muscle.

Live Path is a strategic consultancy specializing in business, operations and digital transformation. We leverage decades of skill and experience, providing thought-leadership, well-constructed strategies, and reliable counsel in the following areas:

  • Business, Operations, Marketing & Digital Strategy
  • Customer & User Experience Research, Analysis & Design
  • Web, Mobile & Application Development
  • Brand & Integrated Marketing Strategy
  • Operational & Business Process Realignment
  • Content & Community Development
  • Public Speaking, Training & Teaching
  • Event Organization & Meeting Facilitation

The thought leadership, well-constructed strategies and reliable counsel we provide bring new opportunities to light, establish strategic direction, transform online and offline experiences and drive bottom-line results.


serving world changers & technology makers

Live Path serves mid-to-large organizations, including global blue-chip corporations, startups, non-profits, and public-sector clients – across geographies and industries. We are proud of our 100% client referral rate and client relationships that last for years. While a portion of our work remains confidential, some of our clients include:


driving people-centric transformation

From the board room to the mailroom; desktop to mobile device, storefront to street front, we help our clients improve and extend their reach, share messages in a more compelling and effective way, streamline operations, and improve products and services across channels – keeping people at the center of everything we do. Here are a few examples of our diverse work:

  • We developed a new messaging house for one of the world’s largest technology organizations, making them more human, compelling, and accessible
  • We performed comprehensive contextual research, UX and CX analysis to inform the design and improvement of leading-edge digital and ecommerce experiences.
  • We helped an established global technology organization connect with next-generation innovators and develop deep, meaningful and sustained relationships.
  • We streamlined and restructured the technical marketing infrastructure for a top, Gartner-rated CRM firm, making it a target for acquisition.
  • We helped a top Communications Agency avoid digital demise, by fixing a footprint riddled with UX, UI, content and performance issues.
  • We are helping a 3 billion dollar financial institution transform its brand, digital and brick-and-mortar banking experiences.


excellence junkies for hire

Live Path was founded by Leigh Durst in 2006. We are based in Santa Cruz, California with resources in Northern California, the East Coast and the Southwest, and agency and development partners in the USA and abroad. We are a networked consultancy with an established team of highly skilled, experienced, and multidisciplinary practitioners who select our clients and projects with care, measuring success based on results and word-of-mouth referrals.

We love people, nature, innovation, technology, mountains, oceans, visual notes, dogs, good fonts, photography, brain hockey, boba tea, everything Italian, forest hikes, witty dialog, well-executed pranks, the sound of rippling water, fireworks, beach bonfires, diversity, faith and family. We are addicted to excellence, travel, Sharpies, bulletproof coffee, Post-it notes, Spotify and snort-inducing laughter. We love misfits and are prone to cheer for the underdog.

We dislike politics, car accidents, splinters, abject poverty, cliche stock photography, fake news, poor mobile reception, spiders, bad fonts, natural disasters, apathy, bad drivers, posers, fakery, everything hateful, slow connections, poor UX, low resolution, war, and economy seating.

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