Getting ready for SXSW 2015

February 25, 2015 7:01 am


It’s that time of year again.  In addition to doing other client work, we’re busy organizing yet another outstanding event series for our client, IEEE , featuring 7 speaking sessions, an official party, a women in tech summit, a meetup and an augmented reality installation that’s a city block wide on 6th and Jacinto.   Here’s a series overview and two invitations, just for you! 

The IEEE Future of Identity Series weaves a theme of identity and privacy through an array of events that explore the impacts of technology advancement in the areas of body computing, bionics, biometrics, brain hacking, mixed reality, international development, the Internet of Things and more.

Official Party at the Driskill – Sunday, March 15  — You’re Invited! 

IEEE’s Future Identity Party isn’t for you, if you’re looking for the same crowd you hang with in your professional and social media circles. However, if you’re into really (REALLY) smart people who are changing the world, and enjoy mixing it up over good music, open bar in a killer atmosphere,  come on over.  It is guaranteed to be the only party at SXSW that lets you drive your own bomb-diffusing robot, or a command a brain-hacked roach!   (Don’t invite PETA)    Join us at the Driskill Hotel on Sunday March 15th.  Our private, VIP/Media Preview Hour starts at 7 pm.  Official Party runs from 8-10pm.  Student Afterglow from 10-11pm.  We hope you’ll #partylikeanengineer with #ieeesxsw !!  (Going badgeless this year?  Let us know!)

IEEE Women in Tech Summit – Monday March 16 — A Collaborative Session with Titans in Tech! 

The IEEE Women in Tech Summit is co-hosted by the UN Foundation in association with SXSW Social Good Hub.  This collaborative, 2 hour event will take place from 1-3 pm at Trinity Hall (about a block from Austin Convention Center).  Rub elbows with titans in technology, including Sonal Shah, from the Case Foundation, Jessica Lawrence of NY Tech Meetup, Ekaterina Walter, Sprinklr, our SXSW Future Identity Speakers and several other (READ:  INCREDIBLE) surprise guests of honor, we’re not approved to tell you about (YET).  You’ll be glad you came.  We’ll apply our combined knowledge and leverage appreciative inquiry to collaboratively develop ideas, concepts and prototypes for creating more sustainable networks for attracting, retaining and supporting women in science and technology.  This will be a powerful time of powerful discussion and networking.  Join #ieeewomen and help redefine the future for Women in Tech.  (Badge required)

Our 2015 Speaker Lineup

Dr. Hugh Herr, Co-Director of MIT Media Lab’s new Center for Extreme Bionics will serve as our anchor, SXSW Featured speaker.  His pioneering work in bionics is changing disability as we know it and may well lead to the development of tomorrow’s super humans.

You can check out our schedule and individual sessions here.  In summary, we are also honored to have these amazing technologists join us:

Why Live Path is Doing This Work:

Live Path introduced IEEE to SXSW in 2011, after many discussions about the long-term impacts of convergence of technologies across industries, technologies and the increasing need for non-traditional engineers, new, cross-functional skill sets  and the involvement of “next generation innovators” in future technology collaboration.  Our goal in curating content series for IEEE was to help tell the (often hidden) stories of technology development, collaboration, innovation and to celebrate the work and achievement of IEEE and its incredible global volunteer base.  By framing IEEE brand behind a backdrop of “remarkable dialog” and unforgettable experiences with inspiring leaders like Dean Kamen,  Tim Berners-Lee,  Adam Savage and over 80 other speakers, we are encouraging and inspiring SXSW attendees to join the ranks of other distinguished innovators, to help advance technology with IEEE.

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