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October 6, 2016 4:44 am

It’s been so busy we’ve hardly had time to think, much less post.  As a result, we seem to suffer from the “shoemakers kids have no shoes” syndrome here at Live Path.   Hence, very few posts or social updates.  Here are just a few things we’ve been up to lately:

  1. Leading Transformations.  We continue in our efforts to help a $2 billion dollar bank transform internal systems, processes and customer experiences to develop a market edge over other, larger banking competitors. Transformation initiatives like this take a significant amount of time and require long-term vision, investment and patience!  It’s a delight to serve an organization that is playing a “long game” for success – and which demonstrates such a strong desire and dedication to “do the right thing” — for both customers and employees.
  2. Pushing the Envelope.  On August 28th, Live Path founder, Leigh Durst was invited to attend a recent People-Centered Internet planning meeting led by Internet Founding Father, Vint Cerf. This was a jam-packed one-day working session with a relatively focused group of technologists and thought leaders from across the globe — all focused on how to extend the Internet to the next 4 billion people.  It’s impossible to summarize the dynamic, meaningful discussions and planning that went on at the PCI Meeting and the exciting collaborations that have resulted from this.  Sufficed to say, we are committed to long-term involvement with PCI.
  3. Connecting & Serving.  Live Path recently connected World Vision with one of the world’s best cyber attorneys and child-advocates, Parry Aftab and a missionally minded development organization called Indigitous to develop solutions that help end child exploitation online.  On November 4-6, Indigitous is hosting a global #Hack event,  which will be sponsored in part by World Vision.  #Hack is a missional hackathon that will unite faith-based development teams from 30 global cities, intent to use their God-given talents for good.  #Hack will include challenges from an array of participating organizations, including World Vision.   The World Vision challenges will center on developing solutions to help end cyberbullying and child exploitation online.  We hope you’ll consider supporting and participating in the  the #Hack event!    Click here to find out how to get involved!
  4. Exploring the Leading Edge.  We were invited to attend the 10th Annual USC Body Computing Conference on September 24th in Los Angeles. The conference featured rapid-sequence of stimulating sessions covering the future of virtual care, sports medicine, biometrics, wearables and much more.  We remain truly impressed by the leadership of USC in the area of leading edge healthcare and body computing and wish to acknowledge Dr. Leslie Saxon, founder of USC’s Center for Body Computing and Dr. Todd Richmond, Director of Advanced Prototypes for USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies for their outstanding leadership and contribution.   We appreciated hearing from students with USC’s Viterbi school of engineering and USC Film School, as well as participating in the finalist reviews for the IEEE/USC Medical Empathy Machine hackathon. Looking forward to next year, for sure!
  5. Building Remarkable Experiences.  Live Path was secured to put together a 6th annual IEEE Tech for Humanity Series at SXSW.  We’ve secured two amazing Featured Speakers who will soon be announced, and we’re excited about the potential for many great sessions, pending SXSW announcements.  Collectively, IEEE’s proposed SXSW 2017 sessions covering topics like AI, AR/VR, virtual healthcare, immersive UX,  synthetic biology, social change, tech ethics, “hearables” and wearables  (brain/computer interfaces, haptic learning, wearables for dogs and dolphins!).   So, we’ll see you in Austin again this March, and hope you’ll stop by our Trade Show Booth and be our guest at our fifth annual IEEE Official Party at Driskill, featuring FUN entertainment from Two Bit Circus.

We’ll be talking more about our activities in the future.  Until then, we hope you find yourself wrapped up in work that is as meaningful and rewarding as ours.  We consider it an honor to work with so many world changing, technology making leaders.

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