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October 13, 2014 5:43 pm

Over the past five years, Live Path has leveraged its connections to create over 30 remarkable sessions and events at the annual SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, and we’re currently planning another terrific new series for 2015.

While some might view this as a disconnect from the work we normally do,  in actuality, these efforts are a strategic, natural extension of the work we do; helping our clients reach new audiences, tell more compelling stories, build brand awareness, affinity and better serve others. The remarkable experiences we create at SXSW tell compelling stories that inspire, challenge and engage participants, celebrate technology innovation (and innovators) and build strategic relationships for the clients we serve.

Our efforts at SXSW are not just about client work, however.  As a long-time member of the SXSW community, we have a personal mission to serve the SXSW community.  Through our efforts, we’ve connected SXSW participants with amazing causes, including FIRST®,  OpenStand and IEEE Women in Engineering.  In 2011, in the wake of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami disaster, we also created our own SXSWCares / SXSW4Japan ten-day effort, which was featured in a recent documentary produced by the Public Interest Registry (.org) called “Social Good in a Digital Age:  Digital Citizen.”  The documentary features SXSW4Japan alongside Wikipedia and the #Occupy movement and can be accessed at 12:59, and includes an in-depth interview with Live Path Founder, Leigh Durst and her partner Rob Wu, CEO of CauseVox   

On the client side, for four years, we have worked with IEEE, the largest global professional organization advancing technology for humanity, to curate and organize a number of IEEE speakers series at SXSW.  By design, these sessions frame the IEEE brand against a backdrop of “remarkable dialog” featuring renown leaders, and tell compelling stories of technology innovation across a variety of sectors that inspire and engage.

Past IEEE speakers have included world-changing innovators, artists, pioneers, makers, and inventors including Dean Kamen, Tim Berners- Lee, Adam Savage and the “Mythbusters” Crew, Dr. Leslie Saxon,  Heather Knight, Maywa Denki,  Intel’s Brian David Johnson, design ethnographer, Kelly Goto,  Dr. Catherine Mohr,  Dr. Ken Goldberg, B.C. “Heavy” Biermann, and many others.

We started with three events in 2012.  Our 2014 series featured 18 sessions and events. We’ve proposed eight for 2015… and look forward to telling you more about this series.

In the mean time, while it would be impossible to highlight every session, here are a few video highlights of some of our keynote and featured speakers as well as several other sessions/events.

2014  IEEE Technology for Humanity Series  (18 events)

Adam Savage:  The Maker Age, Enlightened Views on Science and Art

Dean Kamen:  Inspiring and Equipping the Next Generation

P.W. Singer:  Cyberwar:  What Everyone Needs to Know

Dr. Leslie Saxon: Body Computing (Gen Connect Interview) 

James Williamson:  From Riffs to Bits (SXSW Music)

The Heavy Projects – Re+Public Interactive Mural at 6th and Jacinto

2013:  IEEE’s  Open Future Series (10 Event Series)

Tim Berners-Lee (Keynote; Open Future Meetup;  Emcee, Open Future Reception)

Heather Knight:  Charismatic Machines and Robot Comedy  (Next Stage)

Omnipresent: When Virtual Meets Reality (panel)

Digital Telepathy:  When Every Thing Connects

2012:  Initial Series (3 Events) 

About the Series

Maywa Denki:  Nonsense Machines (Next Stage Highlight)

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